Susie's Notebook

We will peridocally place articles that we hope will be of interest to cuers and possibility dancers alike here. If you have something that you would like us to publish here, please just let us know.  I have this page divided into 3 sections: Dance Helps, Articles, & Afterparty Skits.

Socializing During Social Distancing (temporary article especially during the Coronavirus time)

If you have any helps you would like me to put here, please send them to me.
Beale Street Blues (choreo: Lillifield)
Boogie Blues (choreo: Easterday)
Dancez Merengue (choreo: Shibata)
I Do, I Do, I Do (choreo: Blackford)
No Matter What (choreo: Fisher)
Runaround Sue (choreo: Rumble)
The Children (choreo: Barton)
Toreando (choreo: Shibata)- please send us an email to get these helps
Are you a 2nd rate person?
Back to Basics
Beginner's teaching plan (an example using 2-step and waltz)
Beginning dancers, helps (for learning 2-step and waltz)
Cha cha cha (a teaching order for dancers that already know 2-step)
Choosing dances
Differences in Rhythms
ECTA repertoire, what is it, why we have it
Foxtrot, do we need to / should we always, start with phase III? - TEACHING PLAN
How Not To Argue
How to conduct a Polonaise
How To Write a Dance
Jive handouts for students
Jive teaching plan
Let's Get Them Dancing
Let's Learn Cha Cha 1 & 2 - 2 simple choreographies - the first one using 8 figures, the second one using 3 more. These are just head cues.
Music Basics
Organizing the Program for a Round Dance Event
Polonaise, how to conduct a polonaise
Picture Figures, some basics
Recording music on 2 channels, using the "Blue Icicle" and "Audacity" - editing music
Recording with Audacity
Setting up a Yak Stack
Slow Two-Step
Some Basics about Picture Figures
Similarities in Rhythms
Sukiyaki - some history
Tango teaching plan
Tango helps
They Didn't Do What I Said
Using Your Hands
West Coast Swing
Working with callers and other cuers on stage
Your mike, your friend
New Wife
Man Goes To Rome
Trial By Judge