Gert-Jan & Susie



This is not complete, especially for the earlier years. If you can help us fill in any information, please contact us.
Cue sheets can be found at Cue Sheets From All Over or from ROUNDALAB cue sheet search page. If you can't find a cue sheet, please contact us.

Phase V-VI (main leader: Worlock)
The Glory of Love, ph. V FT
I See the Light, ph. VI BL (taught by Rotscheid)
Hit the Road Jive, ph. V JV
Nightfall, ph. V WZ
Stay With Me, ph. V WCS (taught by Prow)
You're Still The One, ph. VI STS

Phase IV-V (main leader: Prow)
Perfect, ph. V HCW
Nightfall, ph.V WZ (taught by Worlock)
I Wanna Talk About Me, ph. IV JV
El Gringo, ph. V PD (taught by Rotscheid)
Company Store, ph. IV FT

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
All I Ask of You Foxtrot, ph. IV FT
Rise, ph, III RB (taught by Prow)
Boogie Blues, ph. IV JV
In TImes Like These, ph. IV WCS (taught by Worlock)
Let it Go, ph. IV WZ

Phase V-VI (main leader: Hurd)
When I Dream VI, ph. VI BL
Everything Blue, ph. VI FT (taught by Rotscheid)
Home, ph. V STS
Love Me Like a Man, ph. V WCS (taught by Nelson)
Lido Shuffle, ph. V JV

Phase IV-V (main leader: Nelson)
Mi Amante, ph. V BL
Lido Shuffle, ph. V JV (taught by Hurd)
Tango Fantasy, ph. IV TG
Candle on the Water, ph. V WZ (taught by Rotscheid)
Thoroughly Modern Millie, ph. IV QS

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
42nd Street 4 You, ph. IV QS
Distant Melody 4, ph. IV WZ (taught by Nelson)
Song of Memories, ph. IV RB
On the Sunny Side of the Street, ph. IV FT (taught by Hurd)
Boogie Time, ph. IV JV

Phase V-VI (main leader: Worlock)
Over The Rainbow, ph. VI RB
One Hand, One Heart, ph. VI WZ (taught by Rotscheid)
To Where You Are, ph. VI FT/STS
Bob Roberts Society Band, ph. V WCS (taught by Goss/Figwer)
Sunset Bolero, ph. V BL

Phase IV-V (main leader: Goss/Figwer) {emphasis on Bolero this year}
Agua de Mar, ph. V BL
Sunset Bolero, ph. V BL (taught by Worlock)
Uptown Funk, ph. V CH
With All My Heart, ph. V TG (taught by Rotscheid)
All of Me, ph. IV FT/JV

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
Tangobar, ph. IV TG
Für Elise, ph. IV WZ (taught by Goss/Figwer)
Girl Crush, ph. IV STS
Quickstep in 136 (taught by Worlock)
When You're in Love, ph. IV CH

Phase V-VI (main leader: Preskitt)
Au Revoir Paris, VI WZ
I Am Just A Girl, V FT(taught by Rotscheid)
Valentine, VI BL
Cute Girl, V TG (taught by Prow)
Kiss On My List, V CH

Phase IV-V (main leader: Prow)
Serenade of Love, V TG
Kiss On My List, V CH (taught by Preskitt)
Song of the Seashore, IV WZ
The Last Blues Song, V FT (taught by Rotscheid)
Beach of Solenzara, IV RB

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
Wedding Planner, IV AT
Ven Conmigo, IV CH (taught by Prow)
You Make My Pants Want to Get Up and Dance, IV JV
A True, True Love, III WZ (taught by Preskitt)
Nature Boy III, RB

Phase V-VI (mail leader: Worlock)
Slow Boat To Jive
Six Blue Roses (taught by Rotscheid)
Only Time
Como (taught by Nelson)
1+1 is 2

Phase IV-V (main leader: Nelson)
Moonlight Fantasy
Theme From Shrek (taught by Worlock)
At Your Service
In Love With You Rumba (taught by Rotscheid)
Abraca Cha

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
After All These Years
Black Satin (taught by Nelson)
Cheek to Cheek
A Thousand Years (taught by Worlock)
El Pato Loco

Phase V-VI (main leader: Read)
Hallelujah, ph. VI HCW
That Man, ph. V QS (taught by Rotscheid)
Rhythm of My Heart, ph. VI WCS
Poema, ph. VI TG (taught by Noble)
Fly Right, ph. V FT

Phase IV-V
Close Your Eyes, ph. V FT
Trickle, Trickle, ph. V JV (taught by Read)
I'll Be Faithful to You, ph. IV STS
Easy Money, ph. V WCS (taught by Rotscheid)
And I Love Her, ph. IV RB

Phase III-IV
Once You Had Gold, ph. IV WZ
Paper Kisses, ph. IV QS (taught by Noble)
My Baby Just Cares For Me, ph. III JV
You Decorated My Life, ph. IV BL (taught by Read)
Amore Secondo, ph. IV RB

Phase V-VI (main leader: Worlock)

The Matador, ph. VI PD (Worlock)
Cider House Rules, ph. VI WZ (Rotscheid) (taught by Rotscheid)
Remember When, ph. V STS (Worlock)
On Days Like These, ph. VI BO (Preskitt) (taught by Preskitt)
Hound Dog Jive, ph. V JV (Read)

Phase IV-V (main leader: Preskitt)
Toreando, ph. V PD (Shibata)
Black Tie Tango, ph. IV TG (Moore) (taught by Worlock)
Me and Mrs. You, ph. V FT (Goss)
4 My Angel, ph. IV STS (Rotscheid) (taught by Rotscheid)
Tu Me, ph. V RB (Preskitt)

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)

Reál Paso Dos, ph. IV PD (Rotscheid)
The Best You Can, ph. IV JV (Read) (taught by Preskitt)
Chewin' Gum, ph. IV QS (Moore)
Sam's New Pants, ph. IV FT (Finch) (taught by Worlock)
Only You, ph. III RB (Rotscheid)

Phase V-VI (main leader: Hurd)
Verano, ph V+1+2 Argentine Tango (Hurd)
My First, My Last, My Everything, ph. VI FT (Preskitt) (taught by Rotscheid)
Evening Star, Ph VI, Waltz (Sandeman)
Hakuna Matata, Phase 5 Mambo (Read) (taught by Prow)
It’s All Right, Ph V+2 Jive (Goss)

Phase IV-V (main leader: Prow)
This is Your Song, Phase 4 Hesitation Canter Waltz (Prow)
Venetian Serenade, Ph IV+2 Waltz (Hurd) (taught by Hurd)
I Love You, Phase 5 Hesitation Canter Waltz (Prow)
You Say You Will, ph. V WCS (Rumble) (taught by Rotscheid)
Pata Pata, Phase 4 Cha Cha (Shibata)

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
The Best of Me, ph. IV Bolero (D. Goss)
Fernando, Ph 4 Rumba/Cha (Prow) (taught by Prow)
I'm Waiting For You, ph. III RB (Nelson)
Gimme A Reason, Ph IV, QS/TS/SS (Hurd) (taught by Hurd)
The Wedding, ph. IV WZ (Rotscheid)

Phase V-VI (main leader: Worlock)

Cell Block Tango, ph. VI TG (Worlock)
On My Journey, ph. VI BO (Shibata) (taught by Rotscheid)
You Needed Me, ph. V STS (Worlock)
Imaginations, ph. VI WZ (Hata) (taught by Noble)
Angelina, ph. V CH (Worlock)

Phase IV-V (main leader: Noble)
Perfidia in Brazil, ph. V RB (Hurd)
The Best Is Yet to Come IV, ph. IV FT (Finch) (taught by Worlock)
There Will Never Be Another, ph. V BO (Noble)
Biding My Time, ph. V FT (Noble)
Me & My Sister, ph. IV WZ (Read) (taught by Rotscheid)
The Italian Tango, ph. V TG (Blackford)

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
I Got A Girl, ph. IV MB (Preskitt)
Dream on Little Dreamer, ph. IV FT (Silva) (taught by Noble)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, ph. IV STS (Blackford)
Gravity Storm, ph. IV Merengue (Fisher) (taught by Worlock)
Cubana Tango III, ph. III TG (Meyer)

Phase V-VI (main leader: Hurd)

Billy-A-Dick, ph. V QS (Worlock)
Beat of Your Heart, ph. V STS (Preskitt)(taught by Preskitt)
Chalita, ph. VI AT (Goss)
The Twist, ph. VI JV (Worlock) (taught by Rotscheid)
A Daisy in December, ph. VI WZ (Hurd)

Phase IV-V (main leader: Preskitt)
Lost to Me, ph. V RB (Shibata)
French Poodle, ph. V FT (Moore) (taught by Rotscheid)
Illusion, ph. V WZ (Sheridan)
Dance in Portugal, ph. IV MX (Hurd) (taught by Hurd)
Love Grows, ph. V CH (Worlock)

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
Vaya Con Dios IV, ph. IV WZ (Sheridan)
It's 4 Cha Cha, ph. IV CH (Preskitt) (taught by Hurd)
Swing Tango, ph. III TG/TS (Casey)
Almost Like Being in Love, ph. IV QS (Preskitt) (taught by Preskitt)
Mi Vida, ph. IV RB (Read)

Phase V-VI (main leader: Rumble)

Bye Bye Mambo, ph. VI MB (Rumble)
From The Soul, ph. V AT Waltz (Noble) (taught by Noble)
I’m In Chains, ph. VI WCS (Read)
Breathless, ph. V FT (Moore) (taught by Rotscheid)
Flying, ph. V WZ (Sechrist)

Phase IV-V (main leader: Noble)
When We Touch, ph. V STS (Noble)
I’m In A Dancing Mood, ph. V QS (Preskitt) (taught by Rotscheid)
Memories of You, ph. V FT (Slater)
Los Reyos del Sol, ph. V RB (Moore) (taught by Rumble)
She’s Looking Good, ph. IV WCS (Noble)

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
La Vie en Rose, ph. IV FT (Grahm)
Senorita Tango, ph. IV TG (Rumble) (taught by Rumble)
Maria Elena Bolero, ph. III BO (Palenchar)
A Time For Love, ph. III WZ (Rotscheid)
Blue Roses, ph. IV WZ (Lamberty) (taught by Noble)
Moohla Lah, ph. IV MB (Finch)

Phase V-VI (main leader: Worlock)

Safronia B., ph. VI JV (Rumble)
Stranger on the Shore STS, ph. VI STS (Read) (taught by Robinson)
Last Night Cha, ph. V CH (Worlock)
Lazy Crazy Days, ph. VI QS (Vogt) (taught by Rotscheid)
Abrazame, ph. V BO (Worlock)

Phase IV-V (main leader: Robinson)
Samba De Ooh La La, ph. V SB (Shibata)
It Had To Be You, ph. IV FT (Rotscheid) (taught by Rotscheid)
Afro Cubano, ph. V CH (Noble)
Starlight Waltz, ph. IV WZ (Worlock) (taught by Worlock)
Suavemente, ph. IV Merengue (Cibula)

Phase III-IV (main leader: Rotscheid)
West Coast Swingin', ph. IV WCS (Nelson)
Eskimo Tango, ph. III TG (Molitoris)
Memory Rumba, ph. III RB (Molitoris) (taught by Worlock)
Why Don'cha Do Right, ph. IV FT (Moore)
Intrigue, ph. IV WZ (Robinson) (taught by Robinson)
Bee Bop ‘n Boogie, ph. III JV (Pierce)

Originally had the Lillefield’s but because of personal reason’s they had to cancel. We took over their workshops & had local cuers do the phase III-IV class.

Phase V-VI (George & Pam Hurd)
How Do You Like Me Now, ph. VI WCS (Rumble)
Sing A Long Mambo, ph. VI MB (Worlock)
Big Spender, ph. VI FT (Vogt)
Stier Tango, ph. V TG (Worlock) (taught by Rotscheid)
Senza Fine VI, ph. VI WZ (Hurd)

Phase IV-V (Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid)
Beale Street Blues, V JV (Lillefield)
Carnival, ph. IV RB(Rumble)
Love is a Many Splendored Thing, ph. V Multi-Rhythm (Kannapel)
My Heart Will Go On, ph. IV BO (Vogt) (taught by Hurd)
When You're Alone, ph. IV WZ (Read)

Phase III-IV (local cuers)
Molly Maguire, IV WZ (Lamberty) (taught by Grahm)
Slow Walk, ph. III WCS(Kincaid) (taught by Suess)
Slow Boat to China, ph. IV FT (Kolshorn) (taught by Casper)
El Reloj, ph. IV BO (Gilder) (taught by Prüfer)
Do the Mambo, ph. IV MB (Cibula) (taught by Casper)

This year we started a RD program with 3 overlapping classes:
phase III-IV; phase IV-V; phase V-VI.

Phase V-VI (Worlock)
You Owe Me One, ph. V Hustle/Cha (Worlock)
Let's Fall in Love, ph. V FT (Noble) (taught by Noble's)
Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee, ph. V VW (Goss)
Waterfall, ph. VI WZ (Worlock)
Boom Boom, ph. V CH/Merengue (Rumble)

Phase IV-V (Noble)
I'll Never Love Again, ph. V RB (Noble)
Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee, ph. V VW (Goss) (taught by Worlock)
Let's Merengue, ph. V Merengue (Barton)
Petite Fleur, ph. IV FT (Woodruff) (taught by Rotscheid)
You're So Smooth, ph. IV CH (Noble)
You Left the Water Running, ph. IV JV (Read)

Phase III-IV (Rotscheid)
This is Love, ph. IV CH (Grahm)
Spring, ph. IV WZ (Rotscheid)
When I See an Elephant Fly, ph. IV QS (Valenta)
This is Our Dance, ph. III WZ (Borengasser) (taught by Noble)
You Left the Water Running, ph. IV JV (Read) (taught by Noble)
Boogie Time, ph. IV JV (Gloodt)

Phase V-VI (Rumble)

Hide nor Hair
The Way You Do
You Should Be Dancing 

Phase III-IV (Rotscheid; emphasis rhythm: jive)
Yo Mama
Should I Do It
Fine Brown Frame
Honky Tonkin' on the West Coast
River Lullaby
Spaghetti Rag

Phase V-VI (Noble)

Jack is Back
Dancin' Fool
Tres Hombres Paraglidos
Walk Hand in Hand

Phase III-IV (Rotscheid; emphasis rhythm: waltz)
The Mountains of Mourne
Adagio IV
Uno Tango
I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Phase V-VI (Pierce)

Pick A Bale of Cotton
What a Wonderful World
Hola Chica
Crazy World
Love Changes Everything

Phase III-IV (Rotscheid; emphasis rhythm: cha)
Hey Daddy
Dancing Queen
I Need to Know
You're the Top Cha
It's In His Kiss
Top Hat, White Coat & Tails

Phase V-VI (Rumble)
All That Jazz, ph. V FT (Sechrist)
Todo, Todo, Todo, ph. VI CH (Goss)
Whistling In The Dark, ph. VI WZ (Rumble)
Adeline, ph. VI STS (Shibata)

Phase III-IV (Rotscheid; emphasis rhythm: foxtrot)
Stranger on the Shore, ph. IV FT (Rotscheid)
Berkley Square Foxtrot, ph. IV FT (Slomenski)
Sex Bomb, ph. IV CH (Rotscheid)
Exactly Like You, ph. IV FT (Slater)
Trickle, Trickle, ph. IV SS (Lesko)

2000 - Easterday
In the Mood
Liebestraum #3
Swinging on a Star VI
Bandstand Boogie

1999 - Pierce
La Papaya
What a Difference a Day Makes
Just in Time Foxtrot
Only Love

1998 - Rumble
Banana Boat Cha, ph. V CH (Anderson)
Carolina Moon, ph. VI WZ (Rumble)
One More Bolero (2 days), ph. V (Buck)
She Can't Fix Grits, ph. VI JV (Macuci)

1997 - Lawson's / Rotscheid
(Unfortunately JoAnne got sick the first day and they needed to fly back to the States.
Susie & Gert-Jan took over their program.)
Bahama Mama, ph. IV CH (Rumble)
Mujer, ph, VI RB (Read)
Cuban Tango, ph. VI (Goss)
High On a Mountain, ph. VI JV (Rother)
More & More Every Day, ph. V FT (Lawson)
Catch a Moonbeam, ph. VI WZ (Casey)

1996 - Pierce
Boogie Blues, ph. VI JV (Easterday)
Perfidia Rumba, ph. VI (Slater)
I Give My Heart, ph. VI WZ (Pierce)
If I Were A Richman, ph. VI CH (Rumble)
Jambo Mambo, ph. IV (Easterday)
Symphony, ph. VI FT (Slater)
Shut up and Kiss Me, ph. V JV (Shutt)

1995 - Lawson
Maria Elena Waltz
Portrait of My Love FT
A Summer Place STS
Love Story Rumba
My Love, Forgive Me

1994 - Pierce
Sleeping Beauty, ph. V BL (Moore)
Love Potion Nr. 9, ph. V CH (Anderson)
Kansas City Jive
The Children
Rachel's Song

1993 - Chaffee
Roadhouse Blues
South of the Border
Those Night Lights
Picardy Foxtrot
Amor Cha

1992 - Childers
Just a Tango
Alright You Win
Noche d' Amor
Stuck on You
Yo Mama

1991 - Pierce
Lovey Dovey
All I Do

1990 - Chaffee
Sugar Sugar ??
Sea of Heartbreak ??
Amor Cha ??
Mambo No. 5
Let's Dance (QS ??)
From A Jack to a King - Don Casper
Dear World - Don Casper

1989 - Pierce / Ronny Fontaine

Ronnie Fontaine
I Love Beach Music
Lazy Anna Samba
La Morena De Mi Copla
A Little Bit in Love
Look of Love
It's Only Make Believe
My Only Love

1988 - Pierce
Kiss Me Goodbye
Tampa Jive
Orient Express Foxtrot
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

For Mama's (Ronnie Fontaine)

Trickle, Trickle - Ronnie
Where is your Heart - Ronnie
Yellow Bird - Ronnie
I Just Called to Say I Love You – Klaus
Years May Come - Ronnie
Polka Dots - Ronnie

Spanish Gypsy ??