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held every year during Easter week in Cham, Germany

organized by Dave Preskitt

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Round Dances taught at Cham

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dancing at Cham The European Square and Round Dance College is the oldest running square and round dance week in Europe. It was originally started in 1968 by Cal Golden, who was at the time in the American Military in Europe. Since then, as the military members rotated back to the States, it was passed on to another calling or cueing couple to run. This is the only week-long dance in Europe that features both squares and rounds in 3 halls, running 3 programs continuously the whole week. This great dance week is held in Cham, Germany, in Bavaria, about 1 hour North of Munich and close to the Czech border.

There is a free Trail-In dance on Saturday evening to relax with, then on Sunday the dance week starts with a Welcome Dance, all together.  This gives us all a chance to meet and greet friends that we haven't seen sometimes for a year, and to make new friends.

evening danceThe teaching starts at 9:00 AM with round dance workshops in 3 levels (phase III-IV, IV-V, or V-VI).  Each afternoon you can take part in one of the 3 square dance workshops, where you can practice figures from the Plus program, the A1 program or the A2 program. To lead the dance programs each year we have 3 of the best callers, and 3 of the best cuers.  They are guaranteed to keep you busy learning, and having fun.

afterpartyBut the week is not only workshops!
Each evening we, as well as request/open rounds, we feature 3 mixed square and round dance programs where you get to relax and also to practice what you have learned during the day; something for everybody! And if that is not enough, there are afterparties, afterparties, .....

We would love to have you join us for this great, fun-filled week, but remember, there is limited hotel and dance space. So fill a registration form in early.

hotel entrancehotel roomThe convention hotel is the Randsberger Hof. This is a very nice hotel, incorporating part of the old city wall. The rooms are comfortable, all with private shower or bath. The hotel features among other things, a heated swimming pool, Turkish bath, health and beauty center with massages, and a fitness room.

!! The teaching is in English !!